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Our notaries take care of all notarial matters for you.

Expertise at two locations

One female, two male and one retired notary support you as impartial legal advisors in complicated and serious legal matters at two locations. Unlike a lawyer, a notary acts as a neutral intermediary between the contracting parties’ interests.  

We take care of all notarial matters for you, in particular

real estate contracts, articles of association for companies, prenuptial agreements, contracts of inheritance, wills and powers of attorney. 

Our notaries Dr. Natalie Löw, Berthold Jung and Jens-Oliver Müller as well as well as our retired notary Wolfgang Schreier assist by shaping the legal relationship and ensuring through the use of clear wording in advance the avoidance of unpleasant disputes later. With the aim of striking a legal balance between the parties, they point out possible risks and make sure that inexperienced parties involved in the transaction are not disadvantaged.

Responsiblities of a notary

“The notary is an impartial legal advisor and supervisor of all parties involved”,

according to the introduction to the professional guidelines for notaries issued by the Chamber of Notaries in Frankfurt. The notary shall officiate in an impartial and objective manner, as the responsibility assigned to him is a public responsibility with sovereign powers. 

Notaries are responsible for all different kinds of notarisation as well as for certifying signatures, hand signals and copies. For many legal transactions notarisation is required by law. „This is always the case where in the eyes of the legislator the assistance of the Notary is necessary due to the far-reaching personal and commercial consequences for the parties involved.”

This is particularly the case in the following areas:

  • Real estate: Purchase, gifts, rights of usufruct, mortgages and land charges etc. 
  • Marriage, partnership and family: Prenuptial agreements, divorce and partner agreements, adoption 
  • Inheritance and gifts: Wills and contracts of inheritance, applications for certificates of inheritance, distribution of estates, anticipated succession, gifts 
  • Companies: Incorporating or restructuring a company, share transfers, applications to the commercial register
  • Precautionary measures: Health care proxies, advance directives on health and care

Furthermore, notaries carry out lottery and prize draws and compile inventories of property. They may also carry out voluntary auctions and act as mediators in legal disputes regarding the estate of a deceased person. Additionally, notaries can take oaths, issue certificates and safeguard securities as well as valuables. 

Notaries may also conduct voluntary arbitration proceedings or function as arbitrators.

What are the fees for hiring a notary?

Fees are always incurred when a notary is hired, for example where he gives legal advice to the parties involved, draws up a draft agreement or notarises a document, including contracts, which are related to processing the sale of real estate and the encumbrance of the respective pieces of land, but also powers of attorney, wills and prenuptial agreements. Notary fees are also incurred in matters regarding the commercial register or register of associations.

Notary fees are determined by the German Court and Notary Fee Act (Gerichts- und Notarkostengesetz [GNotKG]). The amount is solely based on the importance and value of the subject matter which requires notarisation. This means, for example, that the time spent by the notary on the matter prior to the notarisation is irrelevant. The notary is prohibited from charging extra fees as well as from granting a discount.

You can find several sample calculations here.

The notary’s compliance with the German Court and Notary Fee Act (GnotKG) is monitored by the president of the competent district court, in our case the president of the district court in Limburg.

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